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Welcome to my first ever blog post, how exciting!! Well I’m excited… and I hope you are too! Since this is my first ever blog post I apologize if it is kind of rambley and disjointed, I don’t really know what i’m doing yet, but hey! It doesn’t have to be perfect does it? Lets just have a chat!

So first off let me introduce myself, my names Lottie and I really really like to take photographs, of anything and everything really! I’ve created this little blog because I love to read blogs and look at people photographs, see what other people get up in there free time, and discover places that look fun and interesting that I might want to visit too in the future. So I thought why not share mine too. In these posts I’ll chat through some of my favorite places I have visited, and some of my favorite days out I’ve had in recent times. I hope that you enjoy my pictures and maybe discover a new place that you’d like to explore too! So here goes, my first blog post… I hope you like it! (and if you don’t just lie and say you did…HAHA)

Lottie x



At the beginning of September this year I headed north (well to the midlands) and explored a few villages in the Cotswolds. That same weekend I also visited Coughton Court, an English Tudor country house and gardens in Alcster, Warwickshire. Stately homes are one of my favorite places to go. There’s just something so magical about the grandness of it all, while at the same time being really quite peaceful. Plus I always feel there is something a little Alice in Wonderland-esque about the gardens with their little hidden pathways, tall hedges and walled gardens laden with flowers. Coughton Court was so completely beautiful from it’s architecture to the 25 acres of garden surrounding it. It was a beautiful bright and sunny day, though still a crisp enough September afternoon to wrap up warm and indulge in a hot chocolate in the cafe afterwards! The perfect weather, the whole place just radiated charm!

Equally as stunning as the house itself were the gardens which phased from courtyard to walled gardens to wide open expanses of green stretching out behind the main building. There were vegetable gardens, orchards and wooden bridges crossing over trickling streams, all amounting to one pretty enchanting afternoon!






I had just lifted my camera to take this shot when this lady strolled into the frame, I love that she just matched it perfectly! I reckon she did it on purpose…


DSC_0153 (2).JPG

DSC_0100 (2).JPG


The next day was spent exploring some villages in the Cotswolds, the first village I explored on this occasion was the ridiculously charming village of Chipping Campden, and OH MY GOSH I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with a place in my life…(well except for Broadway which I will gush about next). These little towns are my actual idea of perfect.

The almost miniature, honey colored terraced buildings that I’m definitely not petite enough to avoid smacking my head on the doorway of every single one, gave the feeling of stepping into a village from a fairy tale. They are built from ‘Cotswold Stone’, a locally quarried limestone that gives them their signature yellowish color, which when reflecting the sun produces a warm and cosy glow that just adds to the already peaceful and quaint atmosphere of the village. In fact if it weren’t for the modern day cars lining the roads I would have believed I woken up right in the middle of Hogsmede village in Harry Potter! (something I definitely wouldn’t complain about….EXPELLIARMUS).

There were tea rooms, restaurants, and shops with little bits and bobs, trinkets, cosy, homely items, and knick knacks, a really lovely town to have an afternoon mooch around.

DSC_0271 (2).JPG



DSC_0287 (3).JPG



Last up but certainly not least in my trio of totally entrancing attractions is Broadway village, located in the Worcestershire part of the Cotswolds. On form with Chipping Campden this little town overflows with fairy tale like qualities.

The main high street which was lined with the most picturesque and idyllic looking cottages you will ever see, also hosts ample tea rooms, restaurants and good old fashioned country pubs (I recommend the Swan Inn!). Opposite the short stay car park you will also come across the cutest courtyard which again homes a variety of shops and cafes… Oh… and there was an old fashioned sweet shop with pretty much floor to ceiling shelves laden with homemade chocolate, which anyone who knows me well will know was a MAJOR cause of excitement!

Unsurprisingly with the stretches of emerald fields surrounding this town, this location boasts over 400 routes on which to walk and explore the natural beauty of the area. One of the most popular, and the one depicted in my images on this post is Broadways circular walk, consisting of 5.2 miles of open fields, home to sheep and horses, woodland canopies and sleepy country lanes through which to meander… or power walk with determination, whatever you’d prefer…the walk takes about 2-3 hours so I guess it depends on how quickly you want to get to that cup of tea and slice of Victoria sponge in the cafe at the top (which I can vouch from experience is definitely worth it).

The walk is broken up into 7 steps, or checkpoints, so you don’t have to worry of getting lost, steps of which can be found easily found online (I’ll add the link in at the end of this post if you fancy checking it out). As if the old church, peaceful country lanes, fields dotted with grazing horses and bright yellow corn fields weren’t scenic enough, upon reaching the ‘summit’ where Broadway tower grandly stands, there were even wild red deer!!

You can go up the tower if you wish for a small fee or have a well deserved pit stop in the cafe (you can also drive up to the car park by the tower and cafe if the weather isn’t suitable for a long walk, or if you just really fancy a slice of cake!). After a rest the return leg of this walk is kind to you, as the descent down the hill is not only easier on your legs but also provides stunning panoramic views of the town and fields below.


















See here the link to Broadway circular tower wallk: http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/sites/default/files/broadway_and_the_tower.20150918.pdf

So that rounds off my little Cotswolds adventure, I hope you enjoyed my snaps and first blog post! If you liked it please stick around for a second post coming soon! See you soon and happy adventuring!



  1. 10th December 2016 / 3:14 pm

    beautiful pics wonderful blog. Look forward to visiting more

    • 10th December 2016 / 3:27 pm

      Thank you ever so much!! That has made my day!

      • 10th December 2016 / 3:33 pm

        Then knowing that has made mine too.

  2. 15th December 2016 / 9:42 pm

    Beautiful photos. Love hearing about your English adventures Lottie. We’re getting a lovely flavour of the places you enjoy. The deer are stunning!

    • 16th December 2016 / 12:32 am

      Thankyou so much, that really has made my day! Thrilled you have enjoyed the posts!! 😀

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